World Book Day

This World Book Day, we had so many people off but SO many new visitors… We had Count Olaf, Harry Potter, a ninja, The Queen of hearts, two Mckenzies, a panda and unicorn, Darth Vader, Mable, the Fox and the Hound and many more. To top it all off, the house from Up blew in but Mr. Robson was nowhere to be seen!

Well done to all who dressed up – super effort!



A Locked Box

This week we found a locked box in our room; there were also keys hung up on the board.

To win, we had to work out the number that identified the correct key and the combination of the lock. We were challenged to calculate the perimeter and area of shapes, add and subtract larger numbers and use our multiplication methods.

Gurpreet, Aaqil and Jack found the correct number for the key but it was Elliott, Zainab and Malak who found the correct combination for the lock.

Everyone else was extremely close!

Challenge Based Learning

This week, Super Six were faced with a most profound challenge in maths. Firstly, we saw strange symbols on the Studio’s board. We were then informed that there were 16 hidden envelopes around the room. Once we had found an envelope, there were instructions for rounding numbers. After we had rounded the number, the underlined place value column identified what number it was and that corresponded to the letter of the alphabet. We ordered the numbers/newly formed letters and it created the clue, ‘Above Ashvin’s Draw’. What was above Ashvin’s draw was Zainab’s draw and in Zainab’s draw the winners found a delightful prize. All in the name of maths! Well done to all Super Six.


The Start of Super Six 2018-2019

Well, well, well…

What a way to start the year back (no, not with a 4-day week but) with a week filled with loads of fun, interactive and educational activities.

Throughout the week we answered the question, ‘De quelle couleur sont les vêtements?’ looking at colours of clothes in French. After which, we heard an unknown language (to us) talking… It was only the bible being read in it’s original language, Hebrew, so we explored this even more. Then we were challenged in maths to calculate the mean of 20 circle’s radius hidden around the classroom – all of which stemmed from our London Eye’s diameter and radius talk.

This was all on top of getting ready for our ‘Are heroes a myth?‘ project launch by researching different human characteristics in London and studying the London Underground.

Phew! Bring on Week 2 and our launch!